Who Are We?

We have been established in 2016 with the commercial tag of Multinet Teknoloji A.Ş as a subsidiary of Mutinet Up. We are technology producer and exporter that serves beside in the field of cyber security, for the companies that want to collect information in digital environment, save and process, manage their own or merchant networks payments processes for fintech solutions.

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Global Network

We serve a lot of companies in 23 country which connected to Fransız Up whose one of the leaders of eating card and payment systems, in the world.

We continue to develop projects to ininal, iPara, YesClub, GastroClub like payment systems whose placed in the Multinep Up, in Turkey.

Moduler Payment System

If your company needs closed loop payment system or there is missings in your current payment system, we support you with the products and modules below.

Digital Wallet and Loyalty System

In order to gain money/point like values to your end users, to offer experiences that will increase addiction to your brand;


Mobile POS and Member Business Management

In order to initiate to get paid at your member merchants, manage financial and digital processes with your merchant network, from one platform;


Cyber Security Service

We perform cyber security audits to provide security for your system and informations you obtained in your business processes.


20 Years of Experience In The Payment Technologies


Multinet Teknoloji Was Founded

It has started to serve to corporational firms and employees as a first “eating card” of Turkey. Back then, inventiv has located as IT department of Multinet and developed pre-order closed loop card infrastracture.


First Corporational Fuel-oil Payments in The World

A first in the corporational fuel-oil payment term was achieved by developing the MultiPetrol application to be offered to corporate companies.


For The First Time In Turkey Corporational Accomodation Payments

The corporational accommodation field of the MultiTravel product was developed so that corporate companies can manage their travel expenses.


Multinet IT Has Become Tech Supplier of iPara

Multinet Up whose began its investments in the field of financial technology by being purchased iPara the virtual POS infrastacture, brought technology under the roof of Multinet IT in order to combine knowledge and experience.


Transition To Closed Economy

In order to merchants to be used that get paid by cards The MultiAvantaj product was developed, paving the way for the cash in the closed loop card system to be circulated in the same economy.


Parantez Product Was Developed

In order to create loyal customers to member businesses, Parantez was developed whose enables creating campaigns to the card users, TatlıPara distrubution has begun.


Online Contactless Payments

For the first time in closed loop cards, card transactions became watchable as online and currently.


Mobile Wallet App

Mobile wallet app that enables card user to see their transactions and currencies instantly was developed.


inventiv Was Founded at GOSB Technopark

Multinet IT which has been serving under the roof of Multinet since 1999 has become inventiv.


MultiPay App Was Developed for Cardless Pay

Without the need for a physical card, payment with a QR code was started via the mobile wallet app.


YesClub Kart Was Developed for Istanbul

The YesClub mobile wallet app, which is used at the entrances to Turkey's first theme park İsfanbul and at all its toll booths and able to make payments at all shopes in it, was developed using all the products of inventiv.


The App Which Converts Smart Phones Into POS Was Developed

First and only mobile POS app of Turkey which is able to get paid from closed loop card systems was developed and has bagun to be used at more than 20.000 businesses.


Cooperation of AliPay - İninal - Multinet Up

In order to Alipay to be able to maka payment at the merhcants in Turkey, It has become the tech supplier of this cooperation with its pre-order card payment solutions.


GastroPay App was Developed for GastroClub

A whole new closed loop payment system was created for GastroClub whose locating as eat-drink loyalty program.

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