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Start using the Parantez product, which creates gains based on the behavior and transactions of users who have a profile and wallet in any of your digital channels.

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Ürün Özellikleri

Endless campaign combinations

You can offer individual or segment-specific campaigns in any member business group you wish in fixed, cumulative and increasing campaign models.

Variety of Gain and Reward

It supports all gain values; point, TL, promotion code etc. which you offered to the customer. You just decide what will you give to which behavior.

Detailed campaign reports

You can create campaign reports on the basis of winning users and actions earned, and measure your efficiency by comparing them with previous periods.

“We have achieved a lot with inventiv, in the field of card based payment systems that we’ve been in service since 1999. inventiv has always been that enables us to stay ahead of our competitors on the path to the markets needs with the most advanced and newest technologies. And we will continue to add value to all our companions that we operate with inventiv in all sectors with our innovative products and services.”
“1999 yılından beri hizmet verdiğimiz kartlı ödeme sistemleri alanında, inventiv ile birlikte çok başarılı işler çıkardık. En yeni ve en ileri teknolojilerle pazarın ihtiyacı doğrultusunda rakiplerimizin önünde olabilmemize olanak tanıyan her zaman inventiv oldu. Bundan sonra da inventiv ile birlikte faaliyet gösterdiğimiz sektörlerde tüm paydaşlarımıza teknolojimiz, alt yapımız ve yenilikçi ürün ve hizmetlerimizle değer yaratmaya devam edeceğiz. ”